Single Droplet Evaporator

The combustion of biogenic liquid fuels represents a major challenge for the burner system – TEC4FUELS is developing solutions for this. Photo: TEC4FUELS

With the surface evaporation test, fuels as well as additives and even processes, such as mixture formation, can be qualified to ensure the faultless functioning of a system. By means of pulsed single-drop evaporation of the fuel on a hot surface, a large number of known and new fuels (fossil, alternative and blends) can be characterized in terms of their tendency to form deposits on hot surfaces up to 500 °C. The effects of different additives, such as its influence on the mixture formation, can be determined in advance. The influences of different additives can thus be documented. At the same time, the surface quality in the evaporation process plays an important role in the tendency to form deposits. Variable adaptable test surfaces or exchangeable specimens allow insight into possible influences of different materials and surface structures in the surface evaporation test.