Fuel check for emergency power systems

Prevent diesel plague – Increase operational safety

Due to long storage times, fuels in emergency power supply systems are subject to changes which lead to malfunctions in the system´s engine and can thus jeopardise its operability. A diesel plague can also be a cause of malfunctions, but experience has shown that it is rather rare. In order to maintain the operational safety and availability of emergency power supply systems, a regular fuel check is a preventive measure. Tec4Fuels´ fuel check comprehensive range of services serves for monitoring the quality of the fuel stocks in the day tank and, if necessary, the main tank of emergency power systems – with a maintenance contract if required.

Monitoring fuel quality is important

Many companies, health- and social facilities and organizations of domestic security and of civil- and emergency services operate emergency power supply systems to ensure the required supply of electrical power in cases of power failure. Electricity is especially indispensable in particular for the use of modern information and communication technologies. Regular maintenance and test runs of motors and generators shall guarantee the emergency power system’s operational safety. However, experience has shown that the quality control of fuel supply in storage tanks is not the focus of attention for operators. This increases the risk of fuel changes and the rare infestation of fuel stocks with diesel plague.

As so-called standby fuels, fuels are often stored for years in emergency power systems. However, due to their chemical properties their storage capacity is limited. The fuel reserves are never completely renewed, as their tanks should never be empty at any time. When refuelling, new fuel mixes with aged stocks. The resulting critical fuel quality means that the reliable operational readiness of emergency power systems is not guaranteed in all cases.

Brochure: Fuel Check for Energency Power Systems

Fuel Check for operators of emergency power generators

Tec4Fuels has scientifically sound know-how and many years of experience in the field of liquid fuels and supports operators of emergency power systems in the quality management of standby fuel stocks with a comprehensive range of consulting and services:

  • Monitoring of fuel stock quality through regular sampling, analysis, evaluation and recommendations for further operational safety
  • Information on the safe use and proper storage of standby fuels
  • Assessment of the condition of the tank system and, if necessary, recommendations for action on site

The expertise of Tec4Fuels comprises:

  • Commented comparison of the analysis values with the national fuel standards
  • Annotated review of additional analysis values beyond the standard specifications for further characterisation of the ageing condition and storage life
  • Qualified assessment of the actual quality with regard to the operational readiness of the system
  • Advice on any necessary replacement of stocks and on the selection of standby fuels and additives for suitable fuels

So that you as the operator of an emergency power system can rely on the analysis results and recommendations for action,

  • the fuel analysis is carried out by an accredited laboratory
  • and the evaluation and recommendations for action have been certified by an expert for fuels.

Basic service

Fuel check:

Preventing fuel aging and diesel plague by quality control of the fuel supply of an emergency power system

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Additional services

Combinable services

  • Smart analytic (day tank and main tank only if required)
  • On-site fuel sampling service
  • Monitoring contract

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