Basic service: Fuel-Check

Tec4Fuels offers with it´s basic service of the Fuel Check a comprehensive protection for fuel stocks and tank systems of emergency power systems. The basic service comprises the quality control of an emergency power system’s fuel supplies with single tank: Analytics and evaluation of the fuel sample. Additional services can be selected as required.

The sampling at the single tank is carried out by the operator or a service technician on their own responsibility. Tec4Fuels provides the necessary sampling kit and sampling instructions for this purpose and organizes the shipment of the sample in accordance with the applicable dangerous goods regulations. Your request will be processed in a fast, efficiently and reliable way.

What is the result of the basic service Fuel Check?

  • We offer the testing and advice on the quality of the fuel supply at the time of sampling in a transparent and clear report based on selected standard and other characteristic values. Our analyses and assessments correspond to the methodology of the study and are based on the current state of science and research.
  • The analytics of the fuel samples are performed in cooperation with an accredited laboratory for the testing of fuels according to checked and accepted rules of the German accreditation body. They offer a sound basis for the quality and significance of the results and for our recommendations.
  • We offer you clear recommendations for action and for the further use of the fuel supplies and we inform you about possibly operation-critical quality – certified by a public appointed and sworn expert for fuel oil consumer installations and heating oils or an instructed and authorized representative.*
  • We will be pleased to advise you about the selection of a suitable fuel and additives for long-term storage. And support you with our fuel service-partner network in a possibly necessary exchange of the stock.
*The recommended action based on the interpretation of the results, which follows the relevant standards and the findings of appropriate research projects on the ageing behavior and on the operational safety of middle distillates. However, no guaranteed assurance of the fuel’s suitability and operational safety beyond the time
of sampling can be derived from our service.

Our fuel experts will be pleased to advise you and support you with a reasonably priced, tailor-made offer.

Further information is available at:

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