Additional services

You can combine these services

Duplex test

Separate sampling and staged quality control of the fuel stocks of emergency power systems with daily and main tanks:

The fuel qualities in the day tank and the main tank may differ due to different storage conditions. In our duplex test, we decide on the necessity of an analysis and evaluation of the main tank sample depending on the quality in the day tank – of course always in consultation with you as the operator. In this way, we avoid unnecessary costs without sacrificing safety.

On-site service

Sampling at the tank facility by Tec4Fuels by appointment: We will be happy to take over the sampling for you. You only have to take care of the access to the tank system, we take care of the rest. This saves you time and training and gives you the security of correct sampling for reliable analysis results.

By the way: If required, we would also be happy to make you an offer for the assessment and testing of the professional construction of the tank facility by an expert in accordance with the Water Resources Act (WHG).

Monitoring contract

Agreement on regular quality control of the fuel supply:

We offer you maximum security. In a five-year agreement at particularly favourable conditions, we regularly take care of the next upcoming date according to the recommended test cycle. Thus you profit from a complete time series of the fuel and analysis data of your plant. We provide proof of particular safety-conscious and responsible quality monitoring.

Our fuel experts will be pleased to advise you and support you with a reasonably priced, tailor-made offer.

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