Special additive for emergency power systems

The use of special additives is recommended for the use of low-sulphur heating oil in diesel engine emergency power systems in order to optimise the performance of the engine as well as the operational reliability and longevity of the system. The special combination of active ingredients should fulfil the following functions:

  • Increasing the cetane number above the minimum level required by the manufacturers, also in heating oil operation.
  • Protection against corrosion and deposits
  • Cleaning the fuel system and keeping the injection nozzles clean
  • Improvement of lubricity
  • Increase in long-term storage capacity due to stabilizers
  • Prevention of possible bacterial growth by biocides
  • Ensuring good miscibility with the fuel supply, even when added at a later stage

Further information on manufacturers and supply options:

Currently, TEC4FUELS knows only one special additive for the use of low-sulphur heating oil in emergency power systems. It is offered by ERC Additiv GmbH under the name “NEA Protect Plus”.


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