Compatibility test for components and operating materials

Ein Teststand im Labor mit Kupferleitungen Messuhr, Elektropumpen, Monitor und Tastatur.
Quick test for components and middle distillates. Photo: TEC4FUELS

The ATES FUELS compatibility test is a hardware-in-the-loop test system for middle distillates and blends with alternative fuels (e.g. FAME, HVO, BtL) as well as middle distillate components and additives. It is also possible to perform stress tests on technical components in which the middle distillate is continuously pumped in a circuit and flows through combustion components such as filters, pumps, preheaters and nozzles or other internals. On the one hand, it can be used to test how different middle distillates and blends behave under varying conditions as well as during interaction with certain components of a heating system and in the overall system. The ATES FUELS can be very flexibly adjusted to specific test requirements.