Analysis and quality control of liquid energy sources

Rancimattest for the determination of the oxidation stability of fuels. Photo: TEC4FUELS

As the storage period of fuels in fuel oil tanks increases due to constantly decreasing energy consumption and more efficient technology, they are subject to ageing reactions. These change the product quality of fuels due to the formation of ageing products and pose risks for plant engineering. TEC4FUELS offers a broad portfolio of common and specialized analytical methods for determining product properties and taking measures to improve product quality, for example:

  • Oxidation stability according to DIN EN 16091 (Petroxy)
  • Oxidation stability according to DIN EN 15751 (Rancimat)
  • Oxidation stability according to DIN EN 51835-1 and -2 (Chemiluminescence)
  • Water content according to DIN EN 12937
  • Acid value according to DIN EN 14104
  • Total pollution DIN EN 12662
  • Thermal stability DIN 51371
  • Storage stability DIN 51471
  • Cloud Point DIN EN 23015