23 September 2021 – Tec4Fuels GmbH has set up a non-motor hardware-in-the-loop test rig for marine fuels in the EU research project "IDEALFUEL" and successfully performed a first test run with marine gas oil as reference fuel. Over a test run time of 100 hours at a pressure of 1,000 bar, no incompatibilities arose with the materials of the fuel-carrying components.


Emergency power systems need a fuel check

16 August 2021 – Prolonged power outages are not as rare as they seem. In such cases, emergency power systems step in to supply the infrastructure with emergency power. To ensure that the engine of an emergency power generator runs reliably, it is therefore important to carry out a regular fuel check to check the fuel quality.


Testing of climate-friendly fuels in the video

07 July 2021 – A video provides an insight into the testing of climate-friendly fuels. It is part of the video series "Tour de Futur" about climate-friendly and renewable fuels of the future. The video team visited Tec4Fuels and looked over the shoulders of the employees at work. Tec4Fuels employees answered the questions ...

  • Ein Doppelendrohr am Heck eines Pkw
    It should be what comes out the back that counts: With biogenic and synthetic fuels, vehicles with internal combustion engines can ideally be greenhouse gas neutral on the road. This should also be recognized by the EU's CO2 fleet regulation in the future. Photo: Snap it – Pixabay

Reform of the EU’s CO2 fleet regulation

10 June 2021 – In a joint letter at the end of May, on the initiative of the eFuel Alliance e.V., 223 associations, companies and scientists addressed the EU Commission with a request to supplement the CO2 fleet regulation for new vehicles with a voluntary crediting system for sustainable greenhouse gas neutral fuels.


Fit for purpose tests to ensure fuel quality

02 February 2021 – New synthetic and biogenic fuels have the potential to replace petroleum-based gasoline and diesel as well as heating oil and to make mobility and heat generation more climate-friendly in the future. In Part 2 of our short series of articles, we explained that to achieve this, they need to be operationally safe, i.e. drop-in capable, and compatible with ...


Rapeseed oil fuel suitable for injection systems of modern agricultural machinery

18. Dezember 2020 – From a technical point of view, rapeseed oil fuel is suitable for use in modern agricultural machinery. This is the conclusion of a research project that tested the compatibility of fuel-carrying components of diesel engines for tractors and other agricultural machinery with vegetable oil fuel.


Congress “Fuels of the Future 2021”

09 December 2020 - Of 18. until 22 January 2021 takes place the international specialized congress fuels of the future 2021 as on-line meeting. Klaus Lucka from TEC4FUELS GmbH will report in the biodiesel session on 19.01.2020 about current approaches in research to prevent premature fuel aging. Ageing phenomena of biodiesel and strategies to avoid ...

  • Ein Prüfstand mit hellen Kunststoffleitungen, silbernen Metallrohren und Kraftstoffpumpen.
    TEC4FUELS' application-oriented testing services investigate how fuels behave under realistic operating conditions in the event of increasing admixture rates and the pure use of low-greenhouse gas fuels in interaction with technical components and in the system. Photo: TEC4FUELS

New low CO2 fuels in application technologies

01 December 2020 – In order to bring future low-CO2 fuels to technical maturity, it is important to optimise the manufacturing processes and ensure their compatibility with existing technical systems. Although regenerative fuels are new, the application technology issues remain the same.

  • Greenhouse gas-reduced heating oil, one third of which consists of renewable components based on residual materials, is now undergoing a two-year practical test in 21 residential buildings. Photo: IWO

Greenhouse gas-reduced heating oil

13 November 2020 – Greenhouse gas-reduced heating oil, one third of which consists of renewable components based on residual materials, is now undergoing a two-year practical test in 21 residential buildings. TEC4FUELS, as a testing company, supports the field test by procuring suitable fuels and advising the associations and companies involved.

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