14 March 2019 –

Market study on health and emission-relevant properties

TEC4FUELS GmbH, together with Argomotive GmbH and ERC Additiv GmbH, is conducting a market study on fuel additives and their health and emission-relevant properties on behalf of the German Environment Agency. The study of this consortium shall examine the market of fuel additives (pre- and after-sales market) in the field of road traffic and the additives with regard to their effect on emissions, exhaust aftertreatment systems, environment and health. Furthermore, their application will be tested by means of measurements on an engine test bench.

Chemical additives give a product properties that are considered necessary or useful for health, ecological or technical reasons when dosed in low concentrations. Such additives have been used in the mineral oil industry for over one hundred years. Over the years, the variety of products has been continuously increased by adaptation to environmentally relevant and technical developments. Today addtives also represent an economically significant component in the formulation of modern fuels.

Cooperation desired

As part of the project, the consortium is collecting findings on as many active substances as possible that are used in the fuel industry. The project partners are convinced that comprehensive studies are already available on all of these groups of active substances, also with regard to their emission relevance in handling and application. They would therefore like to give interested companies the opportunity to actively participate in the recording of existing investigations. The information provided will be anonymously incorporated into the study and the results of the study will be published by the German Environment Agency.

The study “Effects of additives for fuels on exhaust aftertreatment systems, emissions and the environment and health” is being carried out on behalf of the German Environment Agency under the funding code FKZ 3717 57 102 0.