Quality testing „assures“ safety during market launch

07 July 2021 – A video now provides an insight into the testing of climate-friendly fuels. It is a part of the “Tour de Futur” video series on climate-friendly and renewable fuels of the future. The video team has visited Tec4Fuels and looked over the shoulders of the employees at work. Michael Ehring, Simon Eiden and Chandra Kanth Kosuru answered questions from presenter Max and explained a specific area of technical preparation for the market launch of new fuels, that could replace fossil gasoline and diesel in the future.

Tec4Fuels’ screening test procedures enable a reliable assessment of whether a new fuel could be suitable for the intended application, in advance of elaborate engine and fleet tests by vehicle manufacturers, using comparatively simple methods. The requirements for Novel fuels are high: For example, they must be at least 70% lower in greenhouse gases than their fossil counterparts, as well as being miscible with other fuels and fully compatible with the components and materials of the fuel-carrying systems of all vehicles.

Identifying the interactions between Novel fuels, components and materials is one of the core competencies of the engineers at Tec4Fuels. These screening tests do go beyond the requirements in the standards for gasoline and diesel. In „specially“ designed test rigs, the test fuel runs through the installed components of a fuel-carrying system, causing forced aging without burning the fuel. The results of the tests provide vehicle and component manufacturers and the petroleum industry with an important basis for decisions on how to proceed with development projects.

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