29 October 2018 –

The future of energy supply and the role of liquid energies.

Climate protection, energy turnaround, defossilisation – there is a broad consensus on the necessity of these issues and not only the petroleum industry has long been researching suitable constructive solutions. A promising approach: liquid fuels based on renewable energies. The topics of the 2nd Technology Forum on 17 October 2018 in Aachen were the potential of these fuels and how far development has progressed.

Around 100 representatives from the automotive, heating and mineral oil industries as well as research and science had accepted the invitation of the Institute for Heat and Oil Technology (IWO) and its science and technology subsidiaries TEC4FUELS and the Oil Heat Institute (OWI) as well as the Mineral Oil Industry Association (MWV) to Aachen to discuss the status and prospects of new liquid energy sources for mobility and space heating.

Presentations and panel discussions gave an insight into current study and research projects and showed first practical experiences for applications in the mobility and space heating sectors. Liquid fuels on the basis of renewable energies are indispensable for a successful energy turnaround, was a central finding of the conference. For this reason, instead of one-sided political guidelines, technological openness is necessary in order to achieve the ambitious climate targets. In any case, considerable investments in research and production would still be necessary. For this, reliable framework conditions are needed in the long term, for which politicians must now set the course.