11 May 2019

TEC4FUELS – SGS Fuel Meeting & Workshop

Biogenic (2nd generation) and synthetic fuels, which have a high greenhouse gas savings potential due to their renewable raw material base, could be one way of achieving climate protection targets. Several research projects investigate possible paths for the production and marketing of new climate-friendly fuels. Renewable alcohols (xOH), methylene ethers (xME) and Fischer-Tropsch (xtL) fuels are under development as options for a sustainable fuel market. These new climate-friendly fuels are important building blocks in a fundamentally changing mobility market. Automotive and component manufacturers, as well as the oil industry and additive manufacturers, already need to set the course for the future.

Develop your fuel roadmap in an interdisciplinary team in the TEC4FUELS – SGS Fuel Meeting & Workshop!

Date: 12 and 13 June 2019

Location: Speyer, in the Technology Museum

  • Which fuels actually have the potential to enter the market?
  • What about their standard and drop-in capability?
  • Are renewable raw materials sufficiently available for their production to produce the required quantities?
  • What acceptance do new fuels have among consumers?
  • What adjustments will be necessary to engines, exhaust aftertreatment systems and fuel infrastructure?
  • In which applications will the use of diesel and gasoline engines make sense in the future?
  • How can future engine and vehicle concepts be optimized together with fuel?

The workshop is the kick-off for the joint development and processing of a fuel roadmap in an interdisciplinary team. The participants select their preferred fuel routes. Working on the roadmap is an extensive task beyond the workshop, which is to be continued in a continuous dialogue with the participants.

You can find the program for the registration for the workshop here.