Focus topic: Alternative fuels

OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH and TE4FUELS GmbH offer an insight into their current research and development activities in their newly published activity report 2018/ 19. The question discussed in the context of climate protection activities, with which possible energy sources we will be mobile in the future, is also the subject of the activities of the two research institutes. The main topic of the current report therefore deals with liquid fuels of the future with low greenhouse gas emissions.

The research and development activities at OWI and TEC4FUELS are aimed at increasing the operational safety and efficiency of modern equipment and engine technologies with rising blending rates, right through to the pure use of advanced alternative fuels. The service life of technical components is also an important aspect here, as is the reduction of local exhaust emissions. To this end, OWI is developing Fit for Purpose test procedures that can quickly and cost-effectively demonstrate the complex interplay of conventional and new fuels with application technologies. TEC4FUELS develops these test procedures to market maturity and offers the test execution to customers from industry as a service. With these methods, OWI TEC4FUELS accompanies alternative fuels and application technologies up to technical maturity, thereby creating a basis for their marketability.

Examples of this can be found in the R&D projects presented in the activity report. The spectrum ranges from the investigation of alternative fuels based on methanol, through a renewable diesel fuel based on biogenic raw materials, to sustainable marine fuels based on lignin as a raw material. In addition, hydrogenated bio-oils based on residual materials for use in the space heating market play just as much a role as the development of technical components to increase the electrical efficiency of combined heat and power plants.

The OWI/ TEC4FUELS Activity Report 2018/ 2019 is available in German language for download. Interested parties can order a printed copy by e-mail at