25. September 2017

Position paper on sustainable production.

For the foreseeable future, liquid fuels will be just as indispensable in the transport sector as liquid fuels in the heating market. In its current position paper, the ProcessNet working committee of Dechema “Alternative liquid and gaseous fuels and combustibles” outlines the paths that can be taken to their sustainable production on the basis of biomass, residual materials or “Power-to-X” concepts. From the point of view of the experts of all relevant branches from science, associations and industry, not only targeted technology developments are necessary, but also the framework conditions must be designed accordingly.

In order to achieve the climate targets and ensure mobility that is both economically and ecologically sustainable, advanced alternative liquid fuels are available. They can be produced from biomass, from biogenic waste and residual materials and from CO2 with the aid of regeneratively generated electricity. The experts in the position paper, including TEC4FUELS Managing Director Klaus Lucka, forecast an increasing demand for alternative liquid fuels over the next 30 years. These are characterised by the fact that they are produced sustainably on the one hand, can be easily mixed with conventional fossil fuels on the other, and can be used in existing combustion technology like their petroleum-based counterparts (“drop-in quality”).

In addition to the arguments for the use of such fuels, the paper also presents the possible paths for their production from different sources: Starting with CO2, straw or wood, algae or used edible fats and oils, for example, the individual processing paths and their current state of implementation are presented.

In addition to redesigning the approval regulations for fuels and fuel additives, the experts also call for long-term reliable and coherent framework conditions for research funding that open up prospects beyond 2020. On this basis, Germany could not only achieve its political goals, but also assume a leading technological role.

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