11 February 2020 –

TEC4FUELS supports model projects

Household heating with oil fired burner systems are also expected to meet climate targets in the future: through greater efficiency, the direct integration of renewable energies and the use of CO2-reduced fuels. In order to show what will be possible in the future, the Institut für Wärme und Oeltechnik (IWO) is already operating numerous model projects in which CO2-reduced fuels are also combined with classic heating oil in different proportions. Since CO2-reduced paraffinic fuels such as hydrogenated residues of biogenic origin have so far only been available to a very limited extent in the heating oil trade, Tec4Fuels GmbH supports the IWO in the procurement and organisation of delivery.

Within the framework of the model projects, the tank systems are filled on site at the beginning of the heating period with a mixture of 67 % premium heating oil and 33 % greenhouse gas-reduced fuel. This is an advanced paraffinic fuel whose production almost exclusively uses residual and waste materials and therefore does not compete with agricultural land or food. This regenerative fuel, which IWO is using in the model projects, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 % compared to conventional heating oil. The admixture results in a greenhouse gas-reduced liquid fuel with a CO2 footprint by more than 20 % on the level of natural gas

The model projects are designed as a long-term test of a new standard-compliant fuel in combination with conventional heating oil and various commercially available condensing boilers under realistic conditions. They run over several heating periods, depending on the agreement with the owners of the house. This gives an overview about the compatibility of the fuel mixture with the fuel-carrying components of different heating systems. For example, it can be determined whether the maintenance requirements change, and operational safety remains at a high level.

Tec4Fuels supports model projects with CO2-reduced fuels

Tec4Fuels procures the fuel and organises its delivery to the homeowners in the agreed quantities. In August 2017, the first system was filled with such a fuel blend and has been running just as reliably and inconspicuously since then as before with the classic low-sulphur heating oil. The regular maintenance and inspections of the systems showed a completely typical system and maintenance picture. The manufacturer of the fuel – the company Neste – certifies its product a “drop-in” capability, i.e. this product can be mixed with conventional mineral heating oil in any ratio.

If required, Tec4Fuels can also carry out a chemical analysis of the tank contents and organise an emergency service to ensure the plant is operating properly. In addition, Tec4Fuels can also search for suitable model houses for the client and agree the requirements for project participation with the house owners.