Performance test with quality label for “premium” fuel oil

Test bench of the performance test for the qualification of mineral oil products. Photo: TEC4FUELS

TEC4FUELS GmbH offers heating oil suppliers and additive manufacturers a new performance test with quality label. The test can determine the effectiveness of additives in different types of fuel oil validly, cost-effectively and above all quickly. The additive and non-additive fuel flow through a test bench with heating components in parallel in the circuit and are compared with each other under extreme load due to the effects of light and heat. In the course of the test, a predefined test matrix is processed and supplementary fuel analysis is carried out. Thus it can be determined, for example, how deposits on oil-carrying components of the heating system could be largely prevented or the storage stability of the heating oil supply in the tank could be improved.

For up to 60 litres of fuel, this “stress test” can provide initial results after just 1,000 hours and enables making differentiating statements about the fuel quality. Should the additive fuel oil meet the expected performance and the required minimum values, the improved product properties are confirmed in a certificate. The certificate is associated with the award of a quality label, which manufacturers can use for their marketing.

The following products have already been certified by the performance test (status 18.1.2017):

Consumers can find detailed information about the quality label and the test procedure on the website

Test methods and conditions for the heating oil performance test

Documents with the complete test conditions, a detailed description of the test procedure and the sampling can be viewed and downloaded here. PDF document [145.1 KB]

Information Sheet No. 50 of the Federal Association of the German Heating Industry of March 2017
The BDH welcomes the provision of heating oil premium qualities by the mineral oil industry, as they help to ensure the operational reliability of heating systems even in the case of prolonged storage and the use of modern oil heating technology. In the opinion of the BDH, compliance with the advantages of premium heating oils can be ensured e.g. by the quality label of the TEC4FUELS with a special heating oil- and oil-filling agent. PDF document [101.7 KB]