QualityWatch for fuels from emergency power systems

Aged fuels in the tank jeopardize the usability of emergency power generators. QualityWatch of emergency power systems is a comprehensive service offered by TEC4FUELS for monitoring the quality of fuel stocks. It consists of a basic service and as per requirements, additional services can be selected.

Many companies, health or social institutions, as well as internal security, civil defence and disaster control organisations operate emergency power supply systems in order to be able to ensure the necessary supply of electrical energy independently of the mains during an emergency. Electricity is indispensable in particular for the use of modern information and communication technology. Regular maintenance and test runs of motors and generators should guarantee the operational safety of the emergency power supply. Experience shows, however, that the quality monitoring of the fuel supply in the storage tanks has so far received little attention from the operators.

A current study shows: The fuel required for the systems, on the other hand, is hardly in the focus of the operators. This is doubly critical: standby fuels are often stored for years – but due to their chemical properties, their storage capacity is limited. Fuels in emergency power systems are never completely replaced, as their tanks should never be empty at any time. When refuelling, new fuel thus mixes with aged stocks. In the study, 60 percent of the diesel fuels used with a biodiesel content were unusable – or about to be. This critical fuel quality means that the reliable operational readiness of emergency power systems is not assured today.

Information and services for operators of emergency power generators

TEC4FUELS has know-how and experience in the field of liquid fuels and supports operators of emergency power systems in the quality management of standby fuel stocks with a comprehensive range of consulting and services:

  • Quality monitoring of the fuel supply through regular sampling, analysis, evaluation and recommendations for further operational safety
  • Information on the safe use and proper storage of standby fuels
  • Expert opinion and inspection of the professional construction of the tank facility by an expert on site

The expertise of TEC4FUELS comprises:

  • Commented comparison of the analysis values with the national fuel and fuel standards
  • Qualified assessment of the actual quality with regard to the operational readiness of the system
  • Advice on any necessary replacement of stocks and on the selection of standby fuels and additives for suitable fuels

So that you, as the operator of an emergency power system, can rely on the analysis results and recommendations for action, 

  • the fuel analysis is carried out by an accredited laboratory
  • and the evaluation and recommendations for action are certified by an expert for heating oil or mineral oil products.

Basic service


Quality control of the fuel supply of an emergency power system with single tank: analysis and evaluation of the fuel sample

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Additional services

Combinable services

  • duplex-test
  • on-site-service
  • premium contract

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